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Courses - LCCI Computerised Accounting Courses

Learn to handle full set of accounts!

Want to work in accounting field but is not confident in handling the full set of accounts! Come & learn LCCI Computerised Accounting. 100% hands-on experience using MYOB accounting software. After the completion of the course, you can then go for the LCCI examination and attain the Pearson LCCI certificate which is coveted and recognised by all employers internationally.

学好电脑会计, 找工作更容易!

想找到更好的会计工作, 却又担心能力不足, 不会处理全盘账? 现在就参加我们 LCCI 电脑会计的课程, 通过实际操作来学习 MYOB 电脑会计. 课程结束后, 学生可以选择参加 Pearson LCCI 的考试并获得国际承认的 LCCI 电脑会计文凭。

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Course Name: Computerised Accounting Level 2

Entry requirements: 

at least 16 years old, possess basic book-keeping and accounting knowledge and skills OR

Mature Entry Route (MER) Minimum age of 21 plus work experience will be assessed on a case-by-case basis


Course Outline:

 Part 1: Initial Setup

  • Create Company Data Files

  • Set up Chart of Accounts

  • Enter the Opening Balance of Accounts

  • Set up Budget for Accounts

  • Set up Tax Codes

 Part 2: Entering Transactions

  • Process General Ledger Entries

  • Maintain Customers' and Suppliers' Account

  • Seals & Purchases Ledger: Invoices & Credit Note

  • Process Payment & Receipts

 Part 3: Period-end processing

  • Financial Reports

  • Bank Reconciliations

  • File Maintenance

Course Duration : 1 month


Mode of delivery:     Hands-on practical lessons 


Full-time or Part-time course: Part-time


Average teacher-student ratio:   1: 20

谢谢老师们用心和专业的教导,让我顺利地拿到了LCCI的会计大专文凭。我也要感谢OCEAN的职员,谢谢她们这一路以来的帮忙。在这里我也认识了很多要好的朋友, 我们一起开心的温习功课。

感谢Ocean Business School,也很开心我终于拿到了LCCI Diploma.

Low Pui Ling

LCCI Diploma Graduate




Fu XiuPing

LCCI Diploma Graduate

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